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About Photography / Professional Senior Member Donna38/Female/United Kingdom Groups :icondeath-chicks: Death-Chicks
Alternative Photography
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my most recent work. a mish-mash of everything!

Random Favourites

Proper Reporting
Here at deviantART we try to provide as much artistic freedom as possible and we strive for this by providing galleries to showcase a wide range of Art and by not forcing any strict quality standards or minimum level of skill or talent.
However while we do not moderate for “Quality” (keep your opinions to yourself) we do have certain restrictions and rules in place for a variety of legal and ethical reasons. But this article is not going to deal directly with official submission policy but about how you can utilize the tools available to bring things which you think are violations to the attention of the staff.
For submission violations we have provided a handy link on each deviation page to quickly and easily send a report of any deviation which you think breaks the rules or which you think the staff should seriously review.
Beneath every Deviation or Scrapbook submission you will find the Artist's description area. At the very bottom right of this boxed area you will find t
:iconrealitysquared:realitysquared 162 76
On copyright violations
Recently I've seen a rant crying about how DARE dA remove their artwork, because EVERYONE uses lyrics and other copyrighted stuff (backgrounds, photos, logos, etc) in their art! The user complains they are being picked on, because obviously the dA admins must not care if so many things with lyrics are uploaded.
You know what else everyone else does? Run stoplights. Why? Because they think they can get away with it. And a lot of people do. There simply aren't enough cops to watch every light.
It's the same thing with deviantART. People get away with copyright violations all the time, because the admins can't check every single deviation submitted. But you know what? That doesn't make it right. A cop will give you a ticket if he sees you run the light, and the admins will pull your stuff if it's reported.
It doesn't matter whether you think it's right. You agree to abide by the rules when you sign up, whether you bother to read them or not. Whether you agree with them or not. I've drawn
:iconjurijuri:jurijuri 257 166
Equine Photography Part 3
I couldnt decide on what to do for this article, so i thought this subject would appeal to the non horsey people :D

The Yawning Stallion by rcahern :thumb35996228:
:thumb44176899: Wutchu Sayin'? by PatriciaVazquez
and my fav :rofl:
hope this made you smile :D
:iconthe-other1:the-other1 38 55
Angel contest and prizes
Hello! My name is chiroxsox, and I have decided to create a contest. Please enter if you have the chance because everyone will win a prize!
All people who enter this contest WILL WIN a sketch of any anime character of their choice (original or otherwise) unless it is clear that you put no effort whatsoever into this picture (This will be judged by looking through your gallery) So PLEASE ENTER because YOU WILL WIN SOMETHING! =D AND your entry will unconditionally BE FAVED! Also, all entries will be featured in my journal
:spotlight-left: THE CONTEST: :spotlight-right:
Draw, paint, photoshop, ink, photomanipulate (include stocks used) , make a collage, create a costume, take a photo of, or make a cg of...
Why an angel? Simple!! I love angels to pieces (as you can probably tell from my gallery)
:spotlight-left: THE RULES/JUDGING :spotlight-right:
:iconChiyomi: and I will be the judges, and the submissions will be judged based on a points system.  The submission with t
:iconchiroxsox:chiroxsox 59 175
Pregnancy Photography
Take a look at these images and learn to see pregnancy itself as a shape and an experience worthy of aesthetic attention. As elastic as the pregnant bodies they portray, these photos encompass and express the multiple dimensions of pregnancy and the many subtleties of the pregnant woman, from the archetypal to the idiosyncratic
  Life by mnoo :thumb38706352:
Pregnant by pmwilson  Life by deathbycanon  Untitled 26 by JoelBelmont
Ready to Pop by Epinephrin  Expecting by madvin  Dialogos by roge-photo
:thumb20907398:  Beauty of a Beginning by cosfrog  pregnant memories by Fosterling
waiting for my love to come by bosniak  :thumb44892792:  :thumb42969898:
:iconshace:Shace 63 40
-- Photographers Wanted ---
Are you bored? Do you own a digital camera? Well then this is the right place for you. photohunt is a game for all photographers. The rules are you are given a topic and then you have 20 minutes to go off and shoot it. ( the image must be new and taken within the 20 minutes) You then come back and do minor adjustments to it such as contrast and converting to black and white if u want. Then you thumb it in the chat and you are judged. If you win your shot will be posted in the :iconphotohunt: journal. Sound fun? Well it is. But beware it is addicting. So if you are ready to start hunting then stop by here ------>Photohunt Chat
:iconphotohunt:photohunt 66 51
Photo Journey *Macro Madness*
Welcome to the second issue of Photo Journey. In this issue we are going to have a look at macro photography.
Macro photography
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Macro photography refers to close-up photography; the classical definition that the image projected on the "film plane" (i.e film or a digital sensor)is the same size as the subject. On 35 mm film (for example), the lens must have the abilityto focus on an area at least as small as 24×36 mm, as this is the size of the image on the film. This is known as "life-size magnification" or simply 1:1.

In recent years, the term macro has been used in marketing material to mean being able to focus on a subject close enough so that when a regular 4×6 inch (102×152 mm) print is made, the image is life-size or larger. This requires a magnification ratio of only approximately 1:4, more easily attainable by lens makers.
:iconabidingdarules:AbidingDaRules 120 66
just...go...away. by RhoadesAsylum just...go...away. :iconrhoadesasylum:RhoadesAsylum 158 69
Make the Unknown Known
Below are 20 Great Artists and 60 Great Deviations I have found while searching deviantART. From all over the world we will find many Artists whose Quality of Art is much higher than their recognition. I hope to help change that as much as possible. I have listed these artists in Alphabetical order and shown where these artists art located in this world. Go check them out and show them some love.
:iconANARKYMAN: AndrewDobell From United Kingdom

:iconart-core: art-core From Austria

:iconbarefootphotography: barefootphotography From United States

:iconBitterGrapes: BitterGrapes From United States
traffic by BitterGrapes Castle Made of Sand by BitterGrapes
:iconchop: chop From Croatia
Bakemono by chop This is for your own good by chop Rust by chop
:iconclashed: clashed From United States
undistinguished splendor by clashed set goes the sun 002 by clashed MYEOW .02 by clashed
:icondevouredex:devouredex 8 41
Tutorial and Features: Landscape Photography
In the spirit of continuing to share insight and knowledge that I've learned from my experiences with photography, this will be my third tutorial on photographic subjects and techniques.  Previously I've submitted articles discussing digital camera noise (found HERE), and Neutral Density filters (found HERE).  I want to keep up with this, and hone it into a more helpful concept.  So this is the first one where I will try and provide a holistic coverage of a topic.  Today's topic is landscapes.

The most important factor of any landscape is focal range.  A landscape is characterized by a massive depth of field, that puts a vast and deep scene into sharp focus.  This is often overlooked by amateur photographers, who tr
:iconjoshlore:joshlore 91 57
baby love by RhoadesAsylum baby love :iconrhoadesasylum:RhoadesAsylum 176 137
Blood, boils, lipstick and latex.
Special effects make-up, prosthetics, theatrical costumery, expert lighting techniques and other out-of-the-ordinary pre-production and photographic techniques can help make a photograph into a memorable and terrifying masterpiece.  Whether you're creating unnatural skin-tones, using scary contact lenses, adding injuries and impalements to an otherwise undamaged body, or turning a model into a zombie or a werewolf, creating horror photography with special effects techniques takes a lot of skill, practice and patience (just as creating realistic horrific photomanipulations does).
As Hallowe'en edges ever closer and artists' minds turn to darker things, the Horror & Macabre Photography gallery begins to swell uncomfortably with snapshots of people in their costumes.  Instead of posting snapshots, get artistic with your photos!  You've already put all that effort into creating amazing costumes and make-up, why not try creating amazing photographs of those cos
:icontanyasimonesimpson:TanyaSimoneSimpson 79 45
baby 2, 4, and me by RhoadesAsylum baby 2, 4, and me :iconrhoadesasylum:RhoadesAsylum 646 253
Jury Finds Unauthorized Use of Photo=Fair Use
This can affect everyone but people like :iconcweeks: could really be impacted by something like this travisty.
From the PhotoAttorney website - http://www.photoattorney.coml
This all starts back in January of this year....

Editorial Use May Not Always Be Fair Use
Copyright law includes the doctrine of "fair use" that allows unauthorized use of copyrights in certain circumstances. The courts recognize that free expression and avoiding law suits over minor issues are more important than protecting intellectual property rights. The doctrine of fair use means that copying will not infringe a copyright when it is "for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship or research."
Newspapers generally use copyrighted materials freely, depending on fair use. But they may have gone too far this time.
Chris Harris is a photographer who has shot for The New York Times and Time and Newsweek magazines. He now teaches mass communications at a university in Tenn
:iconkrash:krash 54 95
things that make my heart beat faster and my trigger finger itch <3




show me show me!

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 26, 2013, 3:57 AM

so thanks to life, i've not been round here much.  and i know there are a lot of awesome pieces of art that i have missed due to this!

i'd like you to show me a few of your favourite deviations from the past couple of months, i'll pick the best ones for a journal feature!

you can leave thumbs for your own work as well as other peoples, show me what you've got!

CSS made specially for Lady-Twiglet by Talei
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  • Playing: mias DS :P
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Artist | Professional | Photography
United Kingdom
Hello! I be Donna, feel free to use my real name, i'm not one of those paranoid types ;)

Primarily I'm an alternative portrait and wedding photographer, a mum of 2 amazing kids and married to my irish toyboy (win!)

But i'm also the Community Volunteer for the Artistic Nude gallery here on dA, i have a passion for amazing, eyecatching, thoughful, inspirational photography and i'm very proud to be able to show you some of the fantastic art that is created and posted here right in this little corner of cyberspace.

i am always ALWAYS happy to impart advice on photography, life and the universe. i am also very good at sniffing out the latest dArama and rolling around in its dirty mess and getting its stink all over me. oh yes, i can be relied upon to provide the lulz. in fact, i think some of my watchers watch me for that very reason. why? because its a website, and as much as i love my friends and my art, it amuses me to see how much people consider it to be the be-all-and-end-all of life, like the opinion of someone 3000 miles away means so much to them.


Current Residence: burnley, lancashire, england
deviantWEAR sizing preference: larrrrrrge!
Print preference: larrrrrrge and matt!
Favourite genre of music: too eclectic for one particular genre!!
Favourite photographer: helmut newton, sally mann, david lachapelle,
Operating System: win 7
MP3 player of choice: me mobile phone is posh
Wallpaper of choice: depends on the mood!
Skin of choice: my hubby's *wink*
Favourite cartoon character: eduardo from fosters home for imaginary friends
Personal Quote: when you see a rotting torso, BREEEEEEE!


the Rain 1 by yv the Rain 1 :iconyv:yv 1,800 326 Smokestack 2 by scottjamesprebble
Mature content
Smokestack 2 :iconscottjamesprebble:scottjamesprebble 577 350
: A New Dawn : by hellfirediva : A New Dawn : :iconhellfirediva:hellfirediva 685 187 Art Nouveau II by DanielaUhlig
Mature content
Art Nouveau II :icondanielauhlig:DanielaUhlig 6,516 457
Art Nouveau III by DanielaUhlig
Mature content
Art Nouveau III :icondanielauhlig:DanielaUhlig 7,580 594
Art Nouveau by DanielaUhlig
Mature content
Art Nouveau :icondanielauhlig:DanielaUhlig 7,667 594
Art Nouveau IV by DanielaUhlig
Mature content
Art Nouveau IV :icondanielauhlig:DanielaUhlig 9,812 931
. sonatina . by karincoma . sonatina . :iconkarincoma:karincoma 3,175 377


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Hope u´ll like it

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